Giggle and Hoot Birthday Cake!

Jun 15, 2012 by

Giggle and Hoot Birthday Cake!

Hi all! Now, I’m not that talented with baking cakes. I’m not terrible, just average. So if I can do this- most can!giggleandhoot

I just used 2 packets of Vanilla Butter Cake- lazy I know- but that’s because of how much effort was going into icing it! I dyed the cakes blue before baking. The icing is butter cream, a combination of butter, icing sugar and a dash of milk. You will need natural colour for the eye balls and love heart, a pale yellow for around the eyes, I used 2 choc chips for the pupil of hoots eyes, orange icing for the beak, wings and legs, and of course blue for the rest! The cake pans you need are round, one being slightly larger than the other. Use a piping bag with a star shaped end (i have no idea what the end bits are called lol) The pictures tell the story really.
Have fun!! ♡ Katrina